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Sicilian pizza  

Originating in the Sicilian city of Palermo, Sicilian pizza is generally square in shape, with greater amounts of sauce, cheese and dough than the more familiar Neapolitan pizza. Authentic recipes call for anchovy bits and pecorino cheese.

It is also known as “sfincione,” or, in the Sicilian language, “sfinciuni.”

A Sicilian pizza served in the United States consists of dough that is usually more than an inch in thickness. This type of pizza is similar to tomato pie and enjoys popularity in Italian-American areas of New Jersey and New York. It is especially popular in Utica, N.Y., where the city’s population of Italian-Americans is largely Sicilian. American versions are also served in a baking sheet of aluminum.

Focaccia alla messinese is a variety of Sicilian pizza that was first created in Messina, Sicily. It generally consists of anchovy and endive.